Ministry of foreign affairs attestation in UAE Call Now

Ministry of foreign affairs attestation in UAE Call Now

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Attestation service provider in UAE office call Dubai office 043300011  Dip office 042528846 Ajman office 067403110 WhatsApp +971545820984.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a verification of  endorsement or archive by the stamp and Seal of approved individual in Ministry of remote issues. Service of Foreign Affairs is the last body to check a testament in UAE. furthermore, it is the last check strategy to be done in a testament. once MOFA seal is Stamped in your endorsement, that declaration can be utilized in UAE must of the reasons.


How can I get my certificate attested in UAE?

It is safe to say that you are searching for verification? endorsement that is given from various Country are required to get UAE embassy attestation in before MOFA Attestation. When you are finished with the confirmations from the nation of Issuance you will have the option to check your testament in service of remote undertakings in UAE.

What are the certificates need MOFA attestation in dubai, UAE?

  • Instructive certificate –Matriculation, HSc, Diploma, Degree, graduate degree, Phd and so forth. ​
  • Private diplomas –Technical Diplomas, Computer Diplomas, HVAC, Fire and Safety, Lift Technician and so forth. ​
  • Business Documents –MOU, Invoice, Registration reports, Partnership deed, Memorandum of Association, Incorporation Certificate, Incumbency Certificate, Commercial Register, Trade licenses, Power of Attorneys and so forth.. ​ 
  • Non instructive documents – Birth certificates, Marriage certificates, PCC, Registrations, TC, Fingerprint, Divorce and so forth.

Why Amazon is best Service provider for attestation?

Amazon Documents Clearing have been associated with MOFA verification in UAE, since the time our beginning. Throughout the years. The sign of our administrations lies in the protected treatment of archives, total following of records. 

 We can assist you with preparing your archives deciphered and for validation other than offering. 

Interpretations as an independent assistance, we additionally handle any fundamental interpretation as a component of our end-to-end attestation process, to spare you both time and cash. Amazon can help you Globally

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