Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE

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Procedure for attesting degree or any educational certificates in UAE

How to attest your degree in UAE?

Attestation of Educational Documents such as degree or diploma certificates involve the following procedures

  • Attestation by MOE from your home country
  • Attestation by MOFA in your home country
  • Attestation by the UAE Embassy in your home country
  • Finally, MOFA attestation in the UAE

Our experts would get your certificate attested by all the legalized authorities within 8- 10 working days.

Attestation from MOFA would normally take 1- 2 days, however document verification can be done on the same day in case of emergency.

  • If all the required documents are submitted, our experts would get your certificate attested by all the legalized authorities within 8- 10 working days, although attestation procedures vary according to the country of attestation. MOFA attestation usually takes 1-2 working days.

  • Your Original certificate to be attested or in some cases scanned copies are acceptable
  • A copy of your valid passport
  • A Declaration form affirming the genuineness of all submitted documents
  • In certain cases a Power of Attorney might be needed

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Amazon Degree Certificate Attestation Services

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We have normal, express and overly express authentication administrations for legitimizing degree endorsements, its differs on the nation to nation. To choose our administrations that is rely on your necessary time period, you could converse with our validation specialists through a call, WhatsApp, email or any of the beneath referenced contact. We are glad to help you further.

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Confirmation administrations for more than 100 countries significant piece of degree authentications verified in our consistent schedule are as per the following: India| USA| UK| Australia| Canada| New Zealand| South Africa| Malaysia| Hong Kong| Singapore| France| Germany| Jordan| Lebanon and so forth. 

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