Kuwait Attestation Services

Getting a work visa, higher education, employment in the private sector, or employment in the public sector and for government needs, certification attestation is an unavoidable requirement. Certificate attestation is the witnessing of the original document and authenticating the document by placing a seal or signature on it

Kuwait Attestation Services

Although the definition is far too simplistic, certificate attestation procedure is complex, and you can only trust your certificates to get attested by a government recognised and certified agency like the Amazon attestation services. The attestation process is usually carried out in the country of origin, or where the certificate was issued. Certificates can be attested by an automatised individual, or an authorised body of the organisation, or government organisation and authorities.

The requirements tend to change from country to country, and requirements of the host country or Kuwait in this case. If you are looking forward to getting your certificates from your home country to Kuwait, then you must follow a specific set of rules and requirements. You will need basic requirements along with a valid passport and all original certificates and documents that require attestation, which may range from educational, vocational, employment, or government-related documents.


1. Educational Degree Attestation for Kuwait

    • Application for employment or labour visa in Kuwait
    • Application for a high educational degree from Kuwait
    • Application for appearing for a health examination and apply to Kuwait Department of Health (DOH) and Kuwait Ministry of Health (MOH)
    • Application for other educational documents

2. Personal / Non- Educational Certificate Attestation for Kuwait

  • Apply for Marriage Certificate Attestation in Kuwait,
  • Apply for Birth Certificate Attestation in Kuwait
  • Apply for residential visa approval
  • Apply for Transfer Certificate
  • Apply for Child for admission purpos

3. Business Documents Attestation for Kuwait

    • Apply for selling the home country property
    • Apply for dissolution of a partnership
    • Apply for opening an account in a bank
    • Apply for registering a company

4. Experience Certificate Attestation In Kuwait

  • Apply for work experience certificate attestation from a foreign/home country
  • Apply for certificate attestation for writing it to DOH and MOH in Kuwait

Procedures Certificate Attestation in Kuwait

Attestation procedure tend to change from country to country and the requirement of the attestation. For example, certificate attestation process for Kuwait for visa processing can be different from government or employment requirements. Helpline Group has developed a service system that incorporates wide range of certificate attestation procedures and processes. Similarly, document requirements shall vary as well. For example, in Kuwait, Passport copy is a must for every Kuwait certificate attestation process involving the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

Why is Kuwait Attestation required?

We need certificate attestation for Kuwait visa for various reasons like work visa, student visa, residence visa or for marketing aspects. It is definitely a part of affirmation that shows that you are a genuine person/company and visiting Kuwait with no ill intentions. It proves that your certificates are true and can be allowed in the country.

How to get Certificate Attestation for Kuwait?

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