MOFA Attestation Ras Al Khaimah is the final verification of a certificate or document, which then bears the stamp and seal of an authorized ministry of foreign affairs.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs or MOFA is the government institution which deals with the country’s foreign affairs. When a document has to be attested to be considered legal and valid in UAE, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to provide its seal. Document attestation with the UAE Ministry/Dept of Foreign Affairs is for many purposes. This includes commercial, educational, and non-educational procedures. Should you wish to migrate to UAE, documents need to undergo MOFA attestation in UAE. As soon as you rare done with MOFA attestation, you’ll be able to use your legal document in UAE for whatever purpose.

  • School admission
  • Medical purposes
  • Processing of employment visa
  • Processing of family visa
  • Labor card processing
  • Securing higher education in the country
  • Visa designation

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