Notarization Services Dubai

We can assist you to get true copy of your documents certified by recognized Commissioner of Oaths. We will handle taking an appointment with the Commissioner and take care of pick up and delivery of the documents within the UAE as well, without needing your physical attenda

Certified true copies are usually requested of identity documents such as national ID, passport, visa, etc. making it easier to the copy can be sent in lieu of the original document. The genuineness of the document is weighed by the credentials of the authorized person who certifies the papers.

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The documents that are most commonly required to be certified as true copies by lawyers in the UAE include (without limitation) the following:

  • Passports
  • Utility bills
  • Emirates IDs
  • Driving licenses
  • Bank statements
  • Academic certificates
  • Experience certificates
  • Birth certificates

The transactions that require true copy attestation in Dubai, Ajman and other Emirates in the UAE typically include obtaining a second nationality, opening a bank account, submitting tax returns, selling or purchasing real estate properties or admissions in various academic institutions.

Certified true copy of passport is the most requested document by government departments and third parties outside the UAE. Passport true copy is typically used to establish the correct identity of the individual presenting the document.